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Real-Time Data Handling in Mobile Apps

Real-Time Data Handling in Mobile Apps
Provide an Unparallel User Experience with Real-Time Data

In today’s fast paced world of technology businesses require quick information to make timely and accurate decisions. This information, if provided in real-time, is positively corelated to profitability. Today we use mobile apps for most of our day to day business activities and therefore, it is essential that mobile apps are able to display information in Real-Time.

This blitz of fast data grows by the second which requires appropriate solutions to interpret it and create business value. However, when new technologies emerge, the speed and scalability requirements of real-time data on mobile is mostly incorrectly addressed, both technically and cost-effectively by organizations. In this free webinar, discover the key solutions enterprise IT practitioners require.

Business Practices that Utilize Real-Time Mobile Data
  • Stock trading apps rely on real-time data streams for price updates
  • Messaging apps rely on real-time data for in-app updates
  • Transportation companies rely on real-time data to track and monitor their fleet
  • Rideshare and Food Delivery use real-time data streams for better in-app communication and location updates

Join us to learn about patterns, best practices and enterprise architecture for handling real-time data in mobile apps. We will discuss tools and services such as: Solace, Google Cloud Pub/Sub, PubNub and Amazon SNS as well as case studies in Industries like Banking, Healthcare, Gaming, Fleet Tracking, IoT and much more.

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In this webinar we would be discussing:
  • Understand Real-time data handling in Mobile Apps
  • Quick Comparison of Real-Time Communication Providers
  • Use Cases on how successful apps have made it their cornerstone
  • Short Demo on integration
Who Should Attend?

Mobile App Owners, product owners, as well as those who are looking to develop a mobile app. Highly recommended for those who are looking to provide an unmatched user experience.

Samson Peter

Samson Peter

Global Practice Head, Mobile Services
Samson is a pioneer of Mobile Technologies with more than 15 years of service in this industry. He holds a leadership position at Royal Cyber where he helps businesses implement Enterprise Mobility Strategy.
Victor Vaz

Victor Vaz

Business Development Manager
Victor is a Business Development Manager with 8 years of experience. He specializes in Mobile app sales and works closely with customers to understand their business requirements and provide innovative solutions.
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