Re-Evaluate GDPR Readiness Strategy

While organizations may face unique business challenges, the GDPR is something that impacts all global entities, regardless of size, industry, or location.

With the enforcement date for GDPR less than a month away, you may need to reconsider your information governance strategy any identity any gaps to ensure you are prepared before May 25th.

In this webinar, Royal Cyber will help you and your business understand the ramifications of GDPR this month.

Join us in this webinar to learn:
The importance of GDPR for US businesses
Approach to the data transparency
The Data protection procedures
Consumer Privacy
Handling data breach

You’ll walk away with ideas you can implement immediately to ensure GDPR compliance.

Speaker Profile:
Debbie Saha
Senior Security Architect

Debbie is a technical architect for various Guardium projects with 9+ years of experience in IT and Information Security. Expertise in database security, database activity monitoring, data privacy, insider threat solutions, internet proxy control, structured data classification, database vulnerability assessment.

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