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Productive Pairing of G Suite Apps
with Salesforce

Deliver Smart, Collaborative, and Personalized Experiences for Your Customers

Tightly Integrate the Einstein Voice & Bots into Your Customer Journey

As enterprises around the world continue to identify the significance of customer experience for sustainability and brand differentiation, Salesforce and Google integration has unlocked a new product to deliver new levels of customer experience and support.

Einstein Bot and Einstein Voice are now available, adding AI powered voice capabilities in the conversational CRM area. Our Salesforce expert will give you a sneak peek into these two products, for people who like to talk.

Are you not intrigued to learn what these two are about?
At Royal Cyber we’re conducting a free webinar to help you gain quick access to customer information through G Suite Apps, and help you understand how Einstein Voice and Bots will change the work across sales, service, marketing & IT.

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You Will Learn:

  • Overview of Google & Salesforce Platforms
  • Salesforce Gmail Integration
  • Salesforce Contacts to Google Contacts Sync
  • Salesforce Events to Google Calendar Sync
  • Google Drive Integration With Salesforce Files
  • Google Sheets Integration With Salesforce Data
  • Einstein Voice
  • Einstein Bots
  • Demo

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Baseera Aafreen

Baseera Aafreen

Salesforce Certified Technical Architect
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