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COVID-19 spurred a major turning point in eCommerce history. B2B and B2C customers relied on digital channels to make purchases. This shift certainly amplified online behaviors, with the increasing expectations of buyers who want easy navigation, appropriate search, and the ability to refine results.

Manufacturers in B2B face a unique challenge in eCommerce – To alleviate the disconnect between experiences and create efficiencies within the business, PlaceMakers, one of the leading largest suppliers of building materials and hardware in New Zealand, has leveraged an entirely new approach that has transformed the organization as a whole.

See how PlaceMakers is using Bloomreach Experience together with SAP Commerce Platform to:

Create personalized experiences with AI & NLP capabilities and help customers discover products quickly and smoothly!

About the Participants:
  • Learn from Ritesh Patel and Thom Sullivan, PlaceMakers, what it takes to create a successful strategy and further capitalize on the e-commerce boom.
  • SAP Commerce Cloud – A proven agile e-commerce platform
  • Bloomreach, the leader in commerce experience ™

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Thom Sullivan
PlaceMaker Logo
Thom Sullivan

Head of eCommerce Sales at Fletcher Building (PlaceMakers)

Ritesh Patel
PlaceMaker Logo
Ritesh Patel

General Manager Digital & Transformation at Fletcher Building (PlaceMakers)

Jason Hein
Jason Hein

Principal B2B Strategist – B2B at Bloomreach

Scott Baguley
Scott Baguley

Specialist Account Executive at SAP CX

Deliver Revenue Driving
Commerce Experiences
Join us to learn:
  • Learn how PlaceMakers created an omnichannel experience with an agile and powerful ecommerce solution

  • Gain insights on PlaceMakers’ selection process of choosing the right platforms to implement this solution

  • Discover how Bloomreach and SAP Commerce Cloud helped to transform the customer experience, boost ecommerce sales, and unlock future growth

  • Why it’s a game changer for eCommerce businesses?

  • How Royal Cyber helped to build an end-end online shopping experience


Hosted byHemapriya Annamalai

Senior Project Manager – Digital Commerce at Royal Cyber

Magesh Kumar Ramamoorthy

Hosted byMagesh Kumar Ramamoorthy

Technical Account Manager – Digital Commerce at Royal Cyber

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