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Natural Language Processing
A Game Changer In E-Commerce

Increase online conversions and customer loyalty with NLP in E-commerce

Uncover the Hidden Value of Your Data

The relevant search results are critical in eCommerce for better conversions. If your site search is slow, you might lose some potential users, but if it’s showing irrelevant search results, your competitors will take all your business.

Unleash the power of AI technology such as Natural language Processing (NLP) to offer improved search experiences to users. Royal Cyber can help you leverage the power of NLP  to add value for your users, which will eventually help increase sales.

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Learn About:
  • NLP Overview: Why Is It Important & How Does E-Commerce Benefit From It?
  • Why Use NLP For Your E-Commerce Site?
  • An Effective & Practical Approach to NLP with Search
  • Best Practices to Improve Your Site’s Search Capabilities
Mahipalsinh Rana

Mahipalsinh Rana

NLP Expert
Mr. Mahipalsinh Rana is a Solr/NLP Expert with 15 years of Industry experience in Search Technologies. He has expertise in NLP, ML and AI implementation with E-Commerce Solutions. His experience of working with various search technologies like Solr, Elastic, Nutch makes him stand out against his peers.

David Aleman

David Aleman

Hybris Product Manager 
Mr. David Aleman is a Hybris Business Lead with over 3 years of experience in sales management with a focus on SAP Hybris Ecommerce platform and other business applications and IT solutions. He possesses excellent management skills with the ability to take initiatives to achieve business objectives. Proven accomplishments of capturing and growing client and market share in a profitable manner.

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