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Datadog and MuleSoft Integration- Modernize API Monitoring

Mule Applications with Datadog Integration

Bringing Together Data, Apps, and Third-Party Services

Does your enterprise have visibility on application performance?

Logging is an essential part of software development as it helps in generating a detailed set of events that occur within the applications or servers. The Datadog Mule Integration is an Agent-based integration that collects metrics from MuleSoft Anypoint and uploads them into Datadog.

With turn-key integrations, Datadog seamlessly aggregates metrics and events across the full stack. These metrics can be used to take advantage of the out-of-the-box dashboards and monitors or create your visualizations.

Our experts will walk you through the new Datadog Mule Integration that provides MuleSoft API assets’ monitoring in this Live Webinar. We will also demonstrate how to check the health of Mule applications, uncover issues quickly and help you gain insights about Anypoint Platform resource allocation.

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Join us to learn:
  • Logging features in MuleSoft (On-prem/Cloudhub)
  • Challenges with MuleSoft’s logging capabilities
  • Solutions to overcome above challenges
  • Introduction to Datadog
  • Datadog features
  • MuleSoft Integration with Datadog
  • Monitoring MuleSoft logs in Datadog
  • Demo
Muhammad Aqib Arif

Muhammad Aqib Arif

MuleSoft Integration Architect – Royal Cyber Inc
Mir Musthafa Ali Pasha

Mir Musthafa Ali Pasha

Middleware Practice Head – Royal Cyber Inc

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