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Transform & Modernize your legacy, monolithic apps using IBM Cloud Pak for Application

Increase the ROI of your current systems by

leveraging the power of Cloud Paks

Enterprises are rapidly embracing cloud capabilities but are weighed down with transforming existing applications and infrastructure estate. Delay means opportunities lost to competition. Cloud Pak for Applications(ICP4A) offers the agility you need to move to the cloud.

In today’s era, Organizations are under tremendous pressure to modernize their business critical apps and stay relevant and up to date. The need of an agile DevOps culture is imperative to the modernization journey. This webinar offers an end to end strategy on how to modernize your existing applications and develop new cloud-native apps on a self-service platform. We will demonstrate how the platform helps architects, developers, and operations with the tools they need to build and deploy applications on any cloud quickly

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What Can You Learn?

  • Overview & Benefits of having 5 Types of Cloud Paks
  • IBM Transformation Advisor & its Role in App Modernization
  • Analyzing the Monolithic App in IBM Transformation Advisor
  • IBM Cloud Pak for Application in Action
  • Migrating Analyzed Monolithic App to IBM Cloud Pak for Application
  • Use Case & Demo
Shuja Abedin

Muhammad Shuja Abedin

Cloud Integration Architect at Royal Cyber Inc
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