Database to Snowflake using Snowpipe
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Migrating On-prem SQL Server Database to Snowflake using Snowpipe

egister to watch an insightful on-demand webinar where our experts discuss the transformative journey of migrating from an on-prem SQL Server to a Snowflake Data Cloud. Discover the unparalleled advantages that Snowpipe offers as a scalable, cloud-based data warehouse solution for banking and financial institutions. Gain a comprehensive understanding of challenges faced in on-premises environments and explore how the transition to Snowflake enhances agility, enabling real-time analytics and streamlining data management for improved business insights.

Learn about the cost-effectiveness of Snowflake’s architecture and the elimination of on-premises infrastructure maintenance. Get insights into integration with cloud services and experience real-world banking examples of successful data migration using Snowpipe.

Don’t miss this opportunity to transition from on-premises to the cloud for a more efficient and effective data ecosystem.

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Key insights will include:
Hassan Sherwani
Dr. Hassan Sherwani

Data Analytics Practice Head

Farooq Gill

Technical Lead - Data Analytics

Iqra Anwar

Data Engineer

Migrating On-prem SQL Server database to Snowflake using Snowpipe

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