Migrating from Relational to a NoSQL Database

There is growing demand to implement NoSQL databases to meet the requirements of current applications and which raise the problem of data migration from Relational to NoSQL databases.

NoSQL databases offer easy scalability, faster I/O operations and incur lower cost than traditional databases. The growing use of web applications has raised the demand to use NoSQL because traditional databases are unable to handle the rapidly growing data.

The challenge is how to transition from legacy RDBMS to modern NoSQL databases. Successful migration from a relational world to a NoSQL world requires meticulous planning.

You will learn:
Challenges faced while moving from relational system to NoSQL
What are the conceptual differences between NoSQL and RDBMS?
Why consider one versus the other for your use case?
What practical migration factors you will need to consider?

This webinar provides a step-by-step guide for project teams that want to know how to migrate from an RDBMS to NoSQL. It also explains the considerations for teams that come from relational database backgrounds and want to build new applications.

Speaker Profile:
Sandesh Ramdas Nimhan
Software Engineer

Sandesh is a Tech Lead working in the Full Stack Software development team at Royal Cyber. He is currently working on highly scalable web-based applications for our clients. He has experience in NoSQL Databases and distributed search engine such as Elasticsearch. He is passionate about developing optimized software solutions for clients.

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