Migrate To IBM Watson Commerce V9

Migration to the latest IBM Watson Commerce version 9 is inevitable to remain competitive. It simplifies commerce platform management and provides scale, security, performance and rich capability you expect with the speed and flexibility your business demands.

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Why Move to Watson Commerce v9?

  • Competing right now requires fast innovation enabled by a modern, cloud ready and extensible digital commerce architecture
  • Modernize your commerce platform –combine speed & flexibility with performance, scale and security

Features/Benefits of IBM Watson Commerce v9

  • A modular architecture, driving better scale with less overhead
  • V9 uses Docker, which makes it easy to create, deploy and run applications. Docker enables continuous integration / continuous delivery
  • Liberty replaces WAS which is far lighter weight than traditional WAS
  • Java persistence API (JPA) replaces EJB
  • JQuery replaces Dojo
  • Usage of Artificial Intelligence

Best Practices for migration to IBM Watson Commerce v9

Speaker Profile:
Akhil Pathania
VP Solutions Commerce

Akhil Pathania is VP Commerce Solution, with over 13 years of industry experience; a competitive, customer-focused product marketing, account management, and technical sales professional with a passion for solving business challenges through technology-based solutions and building quality relationships along the way.

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