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Maximizing Efficiency: Harnessing Zowe Explorer for Mainframe Integration

Are you looking to modernize your mainframe environment and streamline your development processes? Don’t miss our on-demand webinar on “Zowe Integration with Mainframe”.

Our Modernization Expert panel will dive into the world of Zowe, an open-source framework that empowers developers to interact with the mainframe in a modern and intuitive way. Zowe’s API mediation layer enables seamless integration with existing tools and practices, making it easier than ever to work with mainframe assets.

Join our on-demand webinar on “Maximizing Efficiency: Harnessing Zowe Explorer for Mainframe Integration” to discover how Zowe Explorer can streamline your mainframe integration processes. Learn how to use this powerful tool to navigate, manage, and interact seamlessly with mainframe resources. Gain insights from industry experts and explore real-world use cases that showcase the benefits of Zowe Explorer in improving efficiency and productivity.

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Key insights will include:
  • Introduction to Zowe and its Benefits for Mainframe Development
  • Understanding the Zowe Architecture and Components
  • Exploring the Capabilities of Zowe CLI and its Practical Application
  • Exploring on Zowe Explore
  • Live Demos and Interactive Q&A Session
Vijaya Lakshmie

Vijaya Lakshmie

Mainframes – Practice Head
at Royal Cyber Inc.

Maximizing Efficiency: Harnessing Zowe Explorer for Mainframe Integration

Watch On-Demand Webinar