Making Agile Work for Your Business with PEGA

Agile started with a set of principles for software development, however it has become much more today as it is getting business imperative.

Because every application you create is powered by a business need. Agile may be a way to develop applications, but you need to keep your business goals as the top priority.

Join us in this webinar to learn:
Pega BPM Architecture
Unified Policies ,Procedure & Decisions
Workflow Automation
Succeeding with Agile BPM Technology
Agile Manifesto
Continuous Improvement
Agile Approach To Change
Benefits Obtained from Implementing Agile

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Speaker Profile:
Kiran Kumar
Practice Manager

Kiran leads the BPM Practice at Royal Cyber. With 12+ years of experience in BPM space, he has extensive knowledge in PEGA. Frameworks: Project Management Framework (PMF), Test Management Framework (TMF). He is Scrum Fundamentals Certified (SFC) ITIL Version 3.0 Foundation, Pega Certified System Architect 6.2., Pega Certified Lead Systems Architect (CLSA Part 1) 7.1, Pega Certified Senior Systems Architect (CSSA) 7.1

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