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Simplify IIB to ACE Migration with I2AC Solution for Enhanced Efficiency

Discover how Royal Cyber's I2AC solution empowers you to automate your migration process

IBM is phasing out support for IIB (IBM Integration Bus) and encouraging customers to migrate to the next-generation integration platform ACE (App Connect Enterprise). This shift has created a need for efficient migration/upgrade strategies to ensure a smooth transition. Automation plays a crucial role in the digital transformation revolution.

Instead of manual migration efforts that consume significant time and resources, embracing automation for a streamlined process is advisable. Many organizations may still need to start using an out-of-support version of IIB or postpone the migration due to concerns about the complexity and challenges involved.

At Royal Cyber, we are committed to simplifying the migration process for our clients as they transition from IIB to ACE. Our expertise is incorporated into the I2AC solution developed by Royal Cyber Labs, which aims to facilitate the migration journey. By partnering with us, we can provide the necessary support and guidance to ensure a successful migration to IBM App Connect Enterprise.

In this on-demand webinar, Royal Cyber’s integration experts will showcase how the I2AC solution can simplify and accelerate the migration process. By attending this  on-demand webinar, organizations can gain insights into the capabilities of this automated solution and understand how it can assist them in effectively transitioning from IIB to ACE.

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Key insights will include:
  • Why Migrate from IIB to ACE?
  • Typical Migration Patterns
  • Migration Best Practices
  • What is I2AC?
  • I2AC Features

    • Source (IIB) Nodes extractions
    • Destination (ACE) migration
    • MQ Migration
    • IIB to ACE In Place Migration
    • Summary and health of ACE after migration
    • Platform independent
  • I2AC ROI
  • Q & A
Mir Musthafa Ali Pasha

Mir Musthafa Ali Pasha

Practice Head – Middleware
at Royal Cyber Inc.
Farooq Zubairi

Farooq Zubairi

Practice Lead – Middleware
at Royal Cyber Inc.

Simplify IIB to ACE Migration with I2AC Solution for Enhanced Efficiency

Watch On-Demand Webinar