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Hyper-automation in Insurance Industry

Insurance Industry

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RPA is helping all process-centric industries by automating repetitive mundane tasks. The insurance industry is at the forefront of progressing and capitalizing through RPA and intelligent automation.

Most insurance industry processes have all the right ingredients to be declared as a perfect automation candidate with a great ROI. The ever-increasing competition in the industry is forcing insurance companies to reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction, thanks to the intelligent automation that is here for our rescue.

In this free webinar from Royal Cyber, we will focus on how RPA and hyper-automation are affecting insurance industries. We will see what an automation journey for insurance organization is, along with challenges this industry is facing and how and where automation can help the industry. Our Royal Cyber experts will also cover some use cases, specifically from the insurance industry.

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In this webinar we would be discussing:
  • Overview on “Hyper-Automation”

  • Intelligent Automation
  • Smarter Automation Journey
  • Challenges in Insurance Sector
  • Use cases for automation
  • Demo: Intelligent Claim Processing
  • How to Jump-Start

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Asif Hussain

Asif Hussain

RPA Solution Architect at Royal Cyber
Mr. Asif Hussain is a Solution Architect with specialization in Robotic Process Automation with over 15+ years of software experience design, development, maintenance and deployment. He also has 6+ years of experience in design, analysis, and development.
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