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Discover how Adobe Composable Commerce is Designed to Scale Your Business

With Composable Commerce, unlock the potential of your business and create bespoke experiences tailored to your needs. The modern architecture offers unprecedented flexibility and freedom by combining packaged capabilities and best-of-breed components.

Powered by Packaged Business Capabilities (PBC), Composable Commerce helps to identify and meet key business capabilities while taking advantage of scalability and agility – making it easy to plug-in advanced capabilities seamlessly.

Royal Cyber helps businesses reap the benefits of modern commerce and gain a competitive edge. Whether scalability or custom features, leverage Composable Commerce to build eCommerce stores tailored to your company and customers, offering them precisely what they need.

Watch On-Demand webinar to hear experts from Royal Cyber and Adobe discuss how you can leverage this modular setup to unlock new eCommerce opportunities and accelerate innovation to keep up with dynamic customer requirements.


Complimentary Services for all Adobe/Magento platform attendees:

  • Site Optimization Audit
  • Migration or Upgradation Assessment
  • Consultation on Adobe’s Professional Services such as AEM, Adobe Analytics

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Key insights will include:
  • Introduction to Adobe Composable Commerce
  • Upgrading Adobe Commerce to set up Composable Commerce
  • Offering tailored eCommerce Experiences across Digital Touchpoints
  • Overview of Reusable and Modular Components with Event-Driven and Microservices Architecture
  • Working Demo by Royal Cyber
  • Question & Answer Session
Madeline Rajkovich

Madeline Rajkovich

Commerce Solutions Consultant at Adobe.
Kishore Kumar-M

Kishore Kumar M

Technical Lead – Adobe
at Royal Cyber Inc.
Praful Rajput

Praful Rajput

Solution Architect – Adobe
at Royal Cyber Inc.

Discover how Adobe Composable Commerce is Designed to Scale Your Business

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