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Embracing Headless Commerce with Spartacus for SAP Commerce Cloud

The modern solution for faster upgrades and extendible commerce solutions

Commerce with SAP

Goodbye to Monolithic. Hello to Headless with Endless Opportunities.

Enjoy Accessible, Scalable, Extensible Commerce Solutions

With Spartacus you can save time and budget, while expanding your company’s revenue potential.

With Spartacus, you get:

  • Headless Architecture
  • Single Page Application with PWA features
  • A Customizable and Extensible Storefront
  • Painless Upgrades
  • Future-Minded Platform made for an Evolving Commerce Landscape
  • Greater Adaptability through Increased Platform Agility
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Join us to learn:
  • What Spartacus is, what it does and what’s on the horizon
  • How Spartacus allows B2B Businesses to upgrade faster, save money and expand sales opportunities
  • Why Headless makes for faster upgrades
  • What SPAs and PWAs are, and how Spartacus makes mobile commerce better
  • How Royal Cyber combines Spartacus with in-house solutions to create a one-of-a-kind platform to drive business growth
Bill Marcotte

Guest Speaker Bill Marcotte

Senior Product Manager – Spartacus and Accelerator Storefronts at SAP
Alfonso Azuaje

Hosted by Alfonso Azuaje

Business Development Manager – Digital Commerce at Royal Cyber
Abdul Wahab

Hosted by Abdul Wahab

Practice Lead – SAP at Royal Cyber
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