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Introduction to Training on Building Headless Ecommerce Environment Using AEM & Magento

Headless Ecommerce

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Royal Cyber is offering a hands-on training program on approach to headless commerce using AEM 6.5 and Magento 2.3, with a focus on core OOTB features of AEM and Magento along with GraphQL and open APIs. Designed by real-time Adobe experts, the training program aims to enhance your skills and provide comprehensive knowledge on how to deliver an Ecommerce store from scratch.

Course Agenda:
  • Introduction to Magento 2 Architecture and Configuration
  • Setting up Adobe Experience Manager 6.5 Environment
  • Request Flow Processing in Magento
  • Adobe Experience Manager 6.5: Create and Use Templates to Build a Page
  • Introduction to Magento Frontend and Admin Overview
  • Content Fragments and Content Fragments Model
  • Magento API’s Overview and GraphQL Introduction
  • AEM Templates, Page Building, Components Addition, and Policy Rendering
  • Configuring AEM core components with Magento
  • Catalogue Management and Website Publishing

Join us as we give you an overview about the training program and how it would help scale up your skill set to achieve amazing headless commerce environment using AEM and Magento.

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Join us to learn:
  • Introduction to Training
  • Training Program Pre-Requisites
  • Objectives & Detailed Overview of Training Units
  • Key Benefits
  • Royal Cyber – Training Expertise
  • Conclusion
Faisal Ejaz

Faisal Ejaz

Practice Head Adobe at Royal Cyber

Atif Fayaz

Senior Developer at Royal Cyber
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