Get Cognitive Insights Using IBM Watson Customer Experience Analytics (WCXA)

IBM Tealeaf CXA SaaS powered by Watson AI is leading the way with a proven solution to help you extract more value from your data. Learn why customers abandon online purchases and faced a repetitive struggle. Find new answers with IBM Tealeaf and analyze data from customer behavior to uncover trends and valuable insights and identify the issues that cause customers to leave website with revenue loss.

Join us to learn:

Learn why customers abandon online purchases

Rich visualization and data exploration
Machine Learning and custom integrations
Reduce cost and maintain strict security and privacy
Speaker Profile:
Zulfiqar Memon

Zulfiqar Memon is Practice Head for Digital Analytics and Customer Experience Management at Royal Cyber. A seasoned Digital Marketing and Customer Experience Consultant with 10+ years of experience in using multiple platforms like IBM Digital Analytics, IBM Tealeaf, IBM CXA, Adobe SiteCatalyst and Google Analytics. His participation in different phases of business activities has made it easier for him to cope-up with a variety of different business and IT Teams i.e. communicating with network administrators, programmers, designers, trainers, marketers, and with clients.  

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