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10 Key Success Factors to Deploy a Headless Commerce Solution


Deliver Content-Driven Experiences

AI-Powered Personalization

The drive to break down monolithic applications was critical to address the problems such as scaling and code maintenance. e-Spirit digital experience platform (FirstSpirit) offers the next generation headless CMS to generate, manage & accelerate the delivery of personalized content to any channel.

A hybrid CMS is a key part of transforming your technology stack to establish a single source of content fact, manageable and/or accessible by anyone within and outside of your organization to drive a more reliable, inspiring and relevant customer experience no matter where they are or what stage they are in the buyer’s journey.

Royal Cyber is an e-Spirit Partner and has seasoned commerce resources to guide you take advantage of the futuristic headless CMS.

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Join us to learn

  • Why headless CMS is better and how it boosts agility
  • Critical factors for deployment
  • 10 Key Success Factors to Deploy a Headless Commerce Solution
  • Best practices and achieve faster time to market
  • AI Personalization

Join Michael Gerard from e-Spirit to deep dive into Headless Commerce


Michael Gerard

CMO/VP Marketing
Based in Boston, Michael has over 20 years of marketing and sales experience in the technology industry, with 10 of those years having been at IDC managing their CMO and Sales Advisory Practices. Prior to joining e-Spirit, he was the head of marketing for Curata, an industry-leading content marketing software vendor. Michael is responsible for leading the global marketing strategy for e-Spirit.

Lala Asif Allana

Salesforce Practice Lead
Asif is Practice Head, Salesforce, with over 13 years of industry experience; a competitive, customer-focused product marketing, account management, and technical sales professional with a passion for solving business challenges through technology-based solutions and building quality relationships along the way.
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