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Experience the Power of 3D Visual eCommerce

Royal Cyber and Zakeke, leaders in the Visual Commerce space

Elevate your customers’ shopping experiences with Royal Cyber and Zakeke’s visual commerce tools by:

  • Using real-time 2D and 3D to customize products to be previewed in AR
  • Providing customers with a unique 3D Product Configurator
  • Enabling them to experience the power of Virtual Try-On
  • Allowing the creation of custom-designs for any products

Zakeke works well with major eCommerce platforms and is compatible with third-party apps and services. Digitize catalogs, automate processes and scale up your business to deliver an immersive buying experience and sell more.

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Key insights will include:
  • Overview of Zakeke’s 3D Configurator and Accelerator
  • Showcasing Royal Cyber’s 3D Expertise
  • Industry-specific Perspective on the Services
  • Features and Benefits of Visual Commerce
  • Question & Answer Session

Gaia Vernaglione

Gaia Vernaglione

Country Manager – Business Development
at Zakeke
Arun V R

Arun V R

Technical Lead – Digital Commerce
at Royal Cyber Inc.
Ibrahim Shabbir

Ibrahim Shabbir

Partner & Alliances Manager – Digital Commerce at Royal Cyber Inc.

Experience the Power of 3D Visual eCommerce

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