Best Practices for Database Migration to AWS

Databases are being pushed beyond their limits because the way we build and run applications today, coupled with growth in databases and loads of users accessing the same data. To address these challenges, many companies have successfully migrated their databases to AWS. AWS Database Migration Service is an innovative service that helps you easily migrate your databases to the AWS cloud. This webinar will demonstrate the key functionalities of AWS Database Migration Service and will help you understand how to easily and securely move databases into the AWS cloud platform to take advantage of the cost savings and scalability of AWS.

Join us to Learn:
Easy setup
Easy migration of huge data volumes from on-premise to Cloud
Support through mySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, Teradata, Netezza, Greenplum, PostgreSQL and many other database providers
Speaker Profile:
Sabir Mustafa
AWS Solution Architect at Royal Cyber

Sabir Mustafa is an AWS Solution architect, experienced in automation of large-scale deployments with modern configuration and deployment management systems on AWS. He performs analysis and evaluation of environments to assist with provisioning cloud solutions and has an ability to implement the scalable architecture.

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