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Connected Customer Service Solutions with ServiceNow CSM

Simplifying Service Delivery with ServiceNow CSM: Key Strategies for Success

Are you able to achieve omnichannel visibility into customer engagements and provide superior customer experience to your customers?

If there is one thing that businesses have yet to master the art, it is customer satisfaction. ServiceNow Customer Service Management (CSM) is the perfect solution for supporting your entire service organization. ServiceNow provides your employees with real-time insights and makes it possible to systemize, prioritize and act according to your customer’s needs and expectations.

ServiceNow CSM enables organizations to create a single source of truth for all customer interactions, allowing agents to access customer information quickly and easily. It also offers self-service options for customers, such as knowledge bases and portals, which can help reduce the volume of inquiries that need to be handled by agents.

In this exclusive on-demand webinar and gain the knowledge you need to make your customer success initiatives more effective and impactful. Our experienced panelists will provide valuable guidance on how to take advantage of ServiceNow’s powerful capabilities in order to deliver tailored solutions that meet your specific needs. Get ready to increase customer retention rates and maximize ROI while gaining a better understanding of modern customer service management principles!

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In this on-demand webinar, you will learn valuable strategies for optimizing their customer success initiatives, including
  • Introduction to ServiceNow CSM
  • Best Practices in Customer Success
  • Automating Processes with ServiceNow CSM
  • Engaging Customers with ServiceNow CSM
  • Leveraging Data Insights from ServiceNow CSM
  • Use Case & Demo
  • Q&A
Rajeev Goyal

Rajeev Goyal

ServiceNow Practice Head at Royal Cyber Inc.
Jagriti Khurana

Jagriti Khurana

ServiceNow Technical Lead at Royal Cyber Inc.

Connected Customer Service Solutions with ServiceNow CSM

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