Portability Unleashed with Docker Container & AWS

Leverage Docker, Microservices, Kubernetes and DevOps
Containers are a keystone component of continuous integration (CI) and deployment (CD) workflows.Our expert services can leverage the CI for your business.

Royal Cyber best practice adds value to deploy the latest code builds even during the business hours. The containers built into ECS cluster shall continue to serve traffic during the deployment and improve IT Efficiency.

Join us to learn:
Best Practices running Microservices, Docker, Kubernetes on AWS
Challenges faced in deploying containerized services
Deployment Automation using DevOps
Speaker Profile:
Juzer Ali
AWS DevOps Architect

Juzer is a AWS DevOps architect, experienced in automation of large scale deployments with modern configuration and deployment management systems on AWS. He performs analysis and evaluation of environments to assist with provisioning cloud solutions and has an ability to implement scalable architecture.

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