Transform IT Infrastructure with AWS DevOps

DevOps is the combination of tools and best practices that can improve and deliver applications and services at high velocity and infrastructure management processes. It enables customers to transform their business into a digital DevOps model.

Learn how to improve service management and capacity management as well as resolution time for incidents using AWS DevOps solutions and we will help you plan your own IT infrastructure transformation.

You will be able to learn:
Understanding the enterprise patterns for cloud adoption
Transform your IT architecture with a DevOps model
Provision, configure and manage AWS infrastructure using code and template

Join us to learn how our expertise, proven methodology, and enduring relationship with AWS can fast-track your journey to the cloud with reduced costs.

Speaker Profile:
Juzer Ali
Senior AWS Solution Architect

Juzer Ali is an AWS Solution architect, experienced in automation of large-scale deployments with modern configuration and deployment management systems on AWS. He performs analysis and evaluation of environments to assist with provisioning cloud solutions and has an ability to implement the scalable architecture.

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