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PlaceMakers – Going Digital with SAP Commerce Cloud

Join Ritesh Patel from PlaceMakers to get insights on the successful digital transformation

Digital with SAP Commerce Cloud

Reduce Time to Market

Accelerate Your Ecommerce Journey

Time to market is a critical consideration because being late erodes the addressable market. Decreased speed to market gives the competition the advantage of innovation, allowing them to reach consumers with new products, services or offers before you do.

Our Client, PlaceMakers, a division of Fletcher Building is New Zealand’s leading and largest supplier of building materials and hardware. A few years back, they did not even have an eCommerce store to offer the products. It was a massive challenge as the market share was shrinking with the passage of time and the competitors were going digital. That’s when PlaceMakers trusted SAP CX & Royal Cyber team to transform the complete landscape and go Digital smoothly. Royal Cyber, with an extensive eCommerce implementation experience, certified consultants suggested SAP Commerce Cloud to empower PlaceMakers to offer futuristic services to its customers.

Join us with Scott Baguley, a Specialist Account Executive at SAP CX to see how we worked together to build its online presence and provide a unique customer experience.

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Join us to learn:
  • Discover how PlaceMakers achieved time to market with SAP commerce cloud and launched a mobile app, B2C and B2B channels
  • Challenges and Approach
  • How scaled agile methodology helped in predictable delivery
  • Key aspects to increase adoption
  • The necessary factors in choosing the right eCommerce platform
  • Achieve the high performance, high-quality with SAP Commerce Cloud Solutions
  • How Royal Cyber helped in accelerating the eCommerce journey
  • Talk about industry recognitions – Finalist of best awards for UX design, Finalist of CIO award for business transformation through digital and IT
Ritesh Patel

Guest SpeakerRitesh Patel

GM of Digital at PlaceMakers NZ, a division of Fletcher Building
Scott Baguley

Guest SpeakerScott Baguley

Specialist Account Executive – CX at SAP
Magesh Ramamoorthy

Hosted byMagesh Ramamoorthy

Account Manager, Commerce at Royal Cyber
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