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Generative AI on Leading Cloud Platforms

Join us for an exclusive event delving into the world of Generative AI on leading cloud platforms. We will explore a comprehensive guide on building and utilizing the OpenAI Assistant API for seamless integration of advanced language models. From setup to deployment, this session will provide valuable insights for developers and businesses looking to leverage the OpenAI Assistant API to enhance their applications and services.

We’ll explore AWS Bedrock, GCP Garden, and Azure AI Suite, highlighting their unique features.

Getting started with AWS Bedrock
4:00 to 4:10
Keynote Address

  • Welcoming Guests and introducing speakers
  • Discussing why businesses need generative AI to improve their daily operations

4:10 to 4:25
Amazon Bedrock - Generative AI on AWS

  • Training, fine-tuning, and deploying LLM models with Amazon SageMaker
  • Using prebuild LLM models for inference
  • Deploying open-source LLMs like StarCoder of Falcon

4:25 to 4:40
GCP Garden - Generative AI on Google Cloud

  • Discover foundational AI models for diverse applications.
  • Utilize the model garden pre-trained API for text-to-text, vision, and text-to-code tasks.
  • Experience real-time text data transformation and enrichment with powerful text-to-code solutions.

4:40 to 4:55 ​
Azure AI - Generative AI on Azure

  • Introducing a code-first experience with prompt flow to streamline development
  • Monitoring generative AI apps with Azure ML
  • Discovering, customizing, and developing vision or multi-modality models

4:55 to 5:15
Generative AI Use Cases

  • Showcasing real-world use cases and demos
  • Discussing various deployment examples that have proven results

5:15 to 5:30​
Closing and Networking

  • Networking with speakers, industry experts and peers


Mustafa Pesh​

Digital Transformation Principal At Royal Cyber Inc.

Shefali Gupta

Shefali Gupta

Data Scientist At Royal Cyber Inc.


Alex Jeyasingh

Data Engineer At Royal Cyber Inc.

Sarmad Afzal

Sarmad Afzal​

Data Scientist At Royal Cyber Inc.

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How to Build and Use OpenAI Assistant API