ServiceNow Software Asset Management (SAM):

Achieve Compliance, Control and Cost Savings!

What is ServiceNow Software Asset Management (SAM)?

The ServiceNow Software Asset Management (ServiceNow SAM) application systematically tracks, evaluates, and manages software licenses, compliance, and optimization. Organizations’ IT admins can reclaim unused software rights, purchase new software rights, and manage entitlement allocations. Solve distributed IT spending by uncovering geo, cost center, vendor, product, and people costs.

What are the Benefits of ServiceNow Software Asset Management?

Software Licence Compliance

ServiceNow's Software Asset Management License Position helps avoid license compliance risks.

Software Asset Cost Visibility

Software Spend Detection app by ServiceNow tracks and analyzes to reduce software spend.

Manage Vendor Relationships

With contract and renewal management, oversee and manage enterprise asset contracts.

Improve IT Management Efficiency

With custom workflows throughout the lifecycle, automate IT processes across HR, procurement, security, GRC, and app teams.

Single system for software asset lifecycle

Software Asset Workspace updates asset records and offers custom dashboards.

Software License Optimization

License Workbench ServiceNow enables automated software license management.

ServiceNow SAM Features and Capabilities
Key Applications of ServiceNow SAM to Grow with Your Software Needs

Royal Cyber Offerings for ServiceNow Software Asset Management

ServiceNow SAM Assessment

Are You Leaving Money on the Table with Unmanaged IT Assets?
Find Out with a ServiceNow SAM Readiness Assessment.

ServiceNow SAM Jumpstart

Fast Track Your Success- Get a Tailored ServiceNow SAM Jumpstart Package to Start Your Path to Software Optimization.

ServiceNow Software Asset Management Architecture

Overview of How ServiceNow SAM Works

ServiceNow software asset management architecture. ServiceNow SAM architecture depicts the connection between independent software and ServiceNow solutions

Why Royal Cyber for ServiceNow Software Asset Management

ServiceNow’s Premier Partner

Royal Cyber is a Premier Partner of ServiceNow with over decades of expertise.

Process Oriented Accelerators

Fastrack ServiceNow implementations with our pre-built templates and products.

Focus on Business Value

Deliver ServiceNow expertise for maximum ROI.

Worldwide ServiceNow Delivery Centers

Access our expertise from anywhere across the globe.

ServiceNow Certified Experts

Have certified expertise across several ServiceNow aspects, including administration, app development, technical architects and more.

Royal Cyber Implementation Methodology
Using SAFe, Royal Cyber Helps Businesses Implement ServiceNow in Five Steps
  • Customer Understanding
  • Delivery Team Mobilized
  • Project Initiation
  • Workshops for Process & Platform
  • Setting Engagement Time
  • Setting Configuration Requirements
  • Agile Scrum Cycles for Business Objectives and Values
  • Configuration and Reporting
  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
  • Customer Support Readiness
  • Go-live & Post-live Support
  • Engagement Closure
  • Feedback/Debriefing Session

ServiceNow SAM: How to Create a Successful Software Asset Management Strategy

ServiceNow Software Asset Management (ServiceNow SAM) Resources

Reduce IT Spend with ServiceNow Software Asset Management
Watch our on-demand webinar, where our ServiceNow experts discuss the best practices for ServiceNow SAM for reducing IT costs.
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Get Maximum Value from ServiceNow Software Asset Management
Discover what is software asset management and the strategic benefits of ServiceNow SAM.
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ServiceNow SAM FAQs

Asset management software is a type of software that helps organizations track, manage, and maintain their assets. Tangible assets include hardware such as hard drives, devices, CPUs, and intangible assets include software licenses and contracts. The software typically provides features for asset tracking, maintenance scheduling, depreciation calculations, and reporting. ServiceNow offers asset management software for both enterprise software assets (ServiceNow SAM) and hardware assets (ServiceNow HAM).
ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) provides the framework for managing IT assets (hardware, software, cloud, digital, and fixed) and processes. ITIL defines software asset management as the infrastructure and processes necessary to effectively manage, control, and protect software assets within an organization throughout all stages of its lifecycle. ServiceNow bases its enterprise IT asset management (ITAM) solutions on the ITIL 4 framework.
  • Maintaining inventory of software assets owned and installed by the organization.
  • Maintaining the validity, compliance, and optimization of software licenses.
  • Acquiring new software or software contract renewal.
  • Ensuring the proper installation, configuration, deployment and customization of software assets.
  • Updating software patches and fixes and removing obsolete software without compromising sensitive information.