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Employee Performance Tracker

Save time and effort with ServiceNow ERC to manage your employees’ entire lifecycle on a seamlessly integrated, cloud-based platform. Our simplified and easy-to-use platform lets you manage your employees’ life cycle from hire to retire.

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Effective performance monitoring


Set goals to achieve growth


Assess the right way – KRAs


End to end employee experience


Realign role-based performance strategies


Interactive Dashboards with live reports

One-Stop Employee Management

Provide clarity of job expectations to your employees.

Evaluations made easy & fun.

Gather evaluation data for long-term assessment.

Run reports that help in decision-making.

Review project effort investment in real-time.

Evaluate competencies and productivity.

Key Differentiators

  • Robust Measurement System

  • Real-Time Visibility

  • Simple Interface

  • Employee Goals in a Single Dashboard

  • Powerful Evaluation Metrics

  • Transparent Process

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