Gain Visibility into your Cloud Infrastructure with ServiceNow Cloud Insights

Troubleshoot, Monitor, and Optimize your Infrastructure's Resource Consumption

Cloud Insights provides complete visibility into the interconnectivity of your infrastructure’s components by providing topology views of any component. You can easily manage cloud resources to save costs and reduce risk. Royal Cyber can assist you in analyzing your total cloud consumption visibility across SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS—all in one place with ServiceNow.

ServiceNow Cloud

The Advantages of ServiceNow Cloud Insights

What More!

Unallocated Resources

Identify and appropriately assign resources to maintain cloud governance throughout the lifecycle.

Analysis of Unused Machines

Analyze usage data to identify and shut down or terminate resources that aren’t being used.

Ownership of Insights

Assign a dedicated owner to each service account, who will be able to define jobs and policies as well as view data.

Cost Tag Classifications

Tags in your environment should be normalized in order to classify cloud resources and simplify cloud cost reporting.

Bring your Own Driver's License (BYOL)

Reduce the risk of software license compliance and lower costs across your hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Plans for Reservations

Get advice and recommendations on how to reduce costs and maximize the use of reserved instances.

Budgeting for the cloud

Monitor and create flexible budgets, as well as forecast cloud spending accurately

Features of ServiceNow Cloud Insights


Cloud Spend Analytic

Exhibits the usage & overall expenditure for the cloud based on the last 30 days’ records.

Unassigned Resources

ServiceNow Cloud Insight keeps track of unassigned resources


Rightsizing unused data which consists of the latest usage & organization’s policy.

Business Hours

It enables the categorization of the resources that are run outside of business hours and automates the process.

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