Next-Level IT Management: ServiceNow and Azure DevOps Integration

Effortless Collaboration to Simplify Workflows

Do you want to switch between multiple tools to manage your IT services and development workflows? Do you want to streamline your operations and improve collaboration between your teams? By integrating ServiceNow and Azure DevOps, you can achieve just that.

ServiceNow ITSM

Integration Points Between ServiceNow and Azure DevOps

Incident Management

When an incident is reported in ServiceNow, it can automatically create a corresponding work item or bug in Azure DevOps. This allows development teams to track and address issues efficiently.

Change Management

Changes approved in ServiceNow can be automatically converted into work items or tasks in Azure DevOps, ensuring development teams are aware of upcoming changes and can plan their work accordingly.

Release Management

ServiceNow can trigger deployment workflows in Azure DevOps, helping coordinate application deployment and configuration deployment.

Configuration Management

Updates to configuration items in ServiceNow can be synchronized with Azure DevOps to ensure both platforms have consistent and up-to-date information.

Notifications & Collaboration

Teams in both platforms can be notified of important events and changes, facilitating better communication and collaboration between ITSM and development teams.

ServiceNow and Azure ADO Integration

ServiceNow and Azure ADO Integration

Key Benefits of this Integration Include

30% Increased Visibility and Transparency

50% Incident Identification and Resolution

40% Improvement in Change Implementation

80% Automated ITSM Processes

25% Increase in Cross-team Collaboration

70% Reduction in Communication Delays

80% Reporting Accuracy

95% Compliance Adherence

10x Faster Resolution Times

Integration Best Practices

Use valid authorized APIs

Set up & use a service account

Implement appropriate error handling

Use modular & configurable code

Set up a secure connection by leveraging oAuth

Defining and using API throttling

Error Handling

Data & Field mapping (Azure vs ServiceNow)

Azure Access Setup for ServiceNow Data

Monthly License Cost

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