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SAP Commerce Cloud 2211 delivers a headless experience making business future-ready with its advanced OCC APIs, B2B punchout enhancements, and dedicated support. Customers expect frictionless, seamless experiences. Deliver an immersive and interactive storefront across physical and digital to drive engagement and loyalty among the customer base. In this release, SAP has included their battle-tested, modern storefront and previous open-source project, Spartacus. They have rebranded it, and it is now available as SAP Commerce Cloud, composable storefront, a fully supported enterprise product from SAP.


SAP Commerce Cloud (CCV2) is hosted in public cloud (Microsoft Azure) and is using Kubernetes for automating application deployment and scaling management. The database is Microsoft Azure SQL DB which is offered as a service from Azure cloud.

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Upgrade Project Phases


helps to determine upgrade version that fits your business digital strategy


covers the work to analyze the existing application and establish the requirements for the upgrade.


is an upgraded code base that was tested thoroughly and ready for deployment.


final activities before regular Application Management resumes.



Usually will take 2-6 months for SAP Commerce Platform upgrade. It depends and varies on customization complexity and current SAP Commerce version.

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Migration Phases

SSAP Commerce Cloud Migration Phases

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