Microsoft Security Copilot

Empowering Your Security Defenders with AI

What is Microsoft Security Copilot?

Microsoft Security Copilot is a cutting-edge, generative AI-powered security solution designed to enhance the efficiency and capabilities of your security teams. Security Copilot provides invaluable insights and guidance, whether you’re defending against cyber threats, managing vulnerabilities, or ensuring compliance.

Security with AI

Microsoft Security Copilot Benefits

Amplify Your Impact

  • Leverage guidance from 65 trillion daily signals to catch what others might miss.
  • Summarize vast data into actionable insights, to detect cyber threats.
  • Reinforce your security posture by staying ahead of adversaries.

Strengthen Expertise

  • Empower junior staff with step-by-step guidance.
  • Free senior staff from tedious tasks, allowing them to focus on strategic priorities.

Machine-Speed Responses

  • Security Copilot equips your team to respond to incidents in minutes, not hours or days.
  • Process signals at lightning speed with specialized language models and security-specific capabilities.

Which Scenarios Require Microsoft Copilot?

Cloud Security

Discover cyber attack routes for workloads and summarize cloud vulnerabilities and exposures.

Data Protection & Compliance

Identify affected data, summarize risks to data and users, and analyze documents for risks of collusion, fraud, and sabotage.

Device Management

Simulate outcomes, configure devices, and collect device info for forensics using best practices from similar deployments.

Identity Management

Discover and manage overprivileged access, create access reviews, generate access policies, and evaluate licensing.

Security Operations

Protect against cyber threats with guided investigations, vulnerability management, script analysis, and query assistance.

How Does Microsoft Security Copilot Work?

Microsoft Security Copilot Features
  • Ask Security Copilot questions in plain language and receive actionable responses.
  • Explore services related to security operations, device management, identity management, data protection, compliance, and cloud security.
  • Microsoft Security Copilot is integrated across all Microsoft security tools, including Defender, Priva, Entra, Sentinel, Purview, and Intune.
  • Building upon this stack allows Security Copilot to deliver tailored security use cases.
  • Microsoft Security Copilot is enabled with continuous learning and fine-tuning capabilities, allowing it to adapt to the latest security threats constantly.
  • Prevents errors with a closed loop system with the in-built feedback feature allowing user feedback.
  • By catching what other security tools might miss, Security Copilot can augment security analyst’s work.

Our Services

AI-driven Security Insights and Guidance.

Integration with Microsoft products like Sentinel, Defender XDR, and Intune.

Rapid incident response.

Threat detection and prevention.

Vulnerability assessments and penetration testing.

Security awareness training for your team.

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