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Addressing the complexities of accomplishing orders through various channels

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What is Order Management System?

Sterling Order Management system provides the facility to order anywhere, fulfill it anywhere, and return it anywhere. It is an all-inclusive Omni channel order management and fulfillment solution that responds to the complexities of accomplishing orders across multiple channels, while cost-effectively organizing global service fulfillment through the across enterprise.

Why Royal Cyber?

Benefits of OMS?

  • The IBM Sterling Order Management software logically deals the orders across many different systems, and provides a comprehensive view of demand and supply across the supply chain.
  • Using flexible, rules-based order scheduling and promising, inventory and resources are allocated to meet the needs for the current order requirements of your business.
  • Highly flexible and configurable, the solution simplifies your complex workflows to streamline and automate the supply chain processes.
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Our area of expertise in Sterling OMS implementation

  • Integrating with other Online Order Capture System
  • Customizing the Sales Order process
  • Customizing the Return Order process
  • Integrating with Inventory Management
  • Integrating with the Warehouse Management
Why Royal Cyber?

Why Royal Cyber?

  • We at Royal Cyber have an enduring unique process, we invest our combined skill where we could help you transition.
  • Engage our CPQ consultants to implement IBM Sterling CPQ at your enterprise cost effectively.
  • Using our unique agile methodology we can leverage onsite or off shore support model to arrive at the right sourcing model for different projects.
  • Building long term relationships with our clients is something we believe in and we go to great extents to ensure our valuable clients get first rate service.
  • The journey starts with our organization having a full spectrum of interactions and a magnificent environment to tail both the ends.
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