Want to Streamline your Order Processes across ALL Channels? Want to Get a Single View of your Demand, Inventory & Supply Globally?

To stay ahead of your competition, to boost efficiencies in your business, to maximize your cash flow you need to unify your order management systems so that you can offer a true cross-channel experience, enabling your customers to order, track and ship to ... from any device, anytime, anywhere.

Order and Inventory management is the heart of any business. Order management system consolidates your orders from multiple sales channels, customer information, distributed inventory and marketing information all within the OMS Platform. OMS tracks shipment and lets you keeps you updated. You can order & track from any device, anywhere and get it shipped anywhere around the globe.

Royal Cyber’s OMS Packages will provide you:

  • Unified view of demand and supply thus achieving improved inventory utilization
  • Coordinates multiple order sources whether online channel or physical store
  • Customizes fulfillment processes to support various selling channels
  • One source of order information that provides customers with accurate and timely information
  • Integrated order fulfillment processes across store, call center and online channels to provide a seamless customer fulfillment experience

Features of OMS

Order Management provides a fulfillment solution. Sterling Order Management maintains and fulfills all orders placed across all touch-points, through WebSphere Commerce. Sterling OMS has a single order repository for order management life cycle, by which customers can place, or modify orders, check order status and inventory availability across all locations, and manage the returns process from anywhere.

  • You can now search, display, export, update, and refer all customer data within one user interface for CSRs, sales, and marketing teams
  • You can view your transactions and order status live, online, and 24/7
  • You can maintain your customer’s order history for future up-selling and reporting
  • The OMS can generate labels, packing slips, and tracking numbers, while using multi-carrier shipment options to best suit your customer’s needs
  • The OMS can Setup Warehouse Management Systems with real-time inventory features, picking, packing and order Processing
  • With OMS, you can now manage auto shipments, drop shipments, and create backorder shipment options as well

What Royal Cyber does with Order Management System?

With IBM Sterling OMS, Royal Cyber addresses the complexities of fulfilling orders across multiple channels by providing a comprehensive B2C and B2B order management and fulfillment solution. Royal Cyber is the premier IBM business partner for Sterling Order management. It works in close association with IBM to get the right customized out-of-the box option.

  • You can create purchase orders and process vendor drop ship orders automatically via our Sterling OMS
  • You can place orders, process drop shipments, and amend existing orders from a single domain or from multiple domains and sales channels via OMS provided by Royal Cyber
  • You can monitor your inventory, predict estimated depletion dates and set automated reorder points, while keeping up-to-date on current stock levels and inventory in real time
  • Minimize stock on-hand and eliminate excess storage with the ability to calculate minimum order quantities and thresholds, based on previous order history and current inventory data
  • You can increase sales by configuring e-mail promotion and special offers and also create geographic promotions, where your sales are coming from by tracking product movement and popularity
Services provided by Royal Cyber
  • Integrating with other Online Order Capture System
  • Customizing the Sales Order process
  • Customizing the Return Order process
  • Integrating with Inventory Management
  • Integrating with the Warehouse Management

Royal Cyber has pre built accelerators, helping clients to get up and running in the least amount of time.

Problems addressed by OMS

  • OMS backend platform automatically integrates with current frontend E-Commerce storefront-You can use the OMS Platform’s modules to manage your business in conjunction with your current front-end
  • Order Management Software interface allows customers to keep their existing storefronts, yet gives them additional tools necessary to manage their business, and see orders and inventory live, online, at all times
  • Multi channel order capture is done i.e. OMS can capture orders that begin in one channel and are completed in another and processes the orders effectively
  • OMS ensures that there is visibility across all channels and can route orders for fulfillment to various distribution locations/warehouses
  • Options available for shipment from anywhere and to anywhere as per customer convenience including the in-store pick up option with OMS
  • OMS ensures a unified database of customers gathered from all touch points and thereby offers an enhanced shopping experience and promotes customer loyalty
  • Ability to honor promotional initiatives across channels, and maintain consistent product and pricing information, regardless of touch-point
  • Provides return and reverse logistics with multiple return options
  • OMS effectively tracks items throughout the buying or the return process, and aids in returning items to stock in-case of reverse/return of items
  • Sterling OMS is ranked by Forrester* as an Omni-Channel Order Management Leader in 2014**, and the clear leader in B2B Order Management in Q4 2015***, IBM Sterling Order Management is the most flexible, robust, scale-able unified order management platform on the market today. Royal Cyber having Sterling OMS provides a sophisticated order management mechanism that can create multiple fulfillment channels. With more than a decade of experience, Royal Cyber can improve your system efficiency, reduce costs and secure information assets. It has in-depth and varied industry experience and brings in time-tested expertise from other implementations to your business.

    Royal Cyber is an IBM certified partner and have IBM experts and consultants. With Royal Cyber you can get a cost effective and easy to implement Sterling OMS.

    Royal Cyber delivers the strategy, technology and services needed to integrate order management technology into the commerce environment with simple and quick solutions.

    Forrester is one of the most influential research and advisory firms in the world

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