IBM Sterling Order Management System – Order, Fulfill, and Return Anywhere

Written by Pranita Navrekar

Business Analyst at Royal Cyber

‘Why should we use Order Management System when we have different Enterprise Resource Planning software available’ is a commonly asked question which has an obvious answer.

Order Management System (OMS) is chosen over Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) because OMS has exclusive functionalities to handle orders while compared to ERP, and custom-designed ERP costs typically at least as much as a separate OMS.

OMS is unique because it creates a connection in inventory management, generates order receipt, automatically updates the inventory and reorders, manages the payment authorization to drop-ship suppliers, presents the order status at every stage, and handles returns and exchanges.

IBM Sterling Order Management System combines inventory and delivery visibility, multichannel order aggregation, and service availability in a single platform, for truly omnichannel order fulfillment.

IBM Sterling OMS Capabilities

IBM Sterling OMS provides enterprise inventory visibility, order orchestration, and routing rules capabilities. It also offers native Configure Price Quote (CPQ) skills coupled with sound Call Center features that are perfect for enterprises with complicated B2B product configuration and pricing structures.

Visibility of IBM Sterling Global Inventory: The IBM Sterling Global Inventory Visibility module of IBM Sterling OMS presents all our inventory information from both internal and external locations as an individual aggregated view. Using this module, we can modify the inventory as needed, track delivery services, create a work order for value-added service activities, view information about work orders, create corporate count requests for nodes, and view information about count requests.

IBM Sterling Drop-Ship: The IBM Sterling Drop-Ship module of IBM Sterling OMS provides tools to automate and manage the orders fulfillment directly from our trading partners during the order-to-cash process. Take full benefit of drop shipping, such as real-time order status information from suppliers, a sophisticated exception management process, a web-based supplier portal, available-to-promise inventory visibility, and innovative, collaborative order management.

IBM Sterling Reverse Logistics Module: The IBM Sterling Reverse Logistics module of IBM Sterling OMS allows efficient tracking of items during the return-and-repair process and automates returning of items to stock. This module assists us to create return orders & exchange orders, view return order details & return order alerts, create a return shipment & setting up shipment supervisory overrides, view return order releases & return order invoice details, return order instructions & notes, track return shipments & container, and view the service work order related information.

IBM Sterling DOM: The IBM Sterling Distributed Order Management (DOM) from IBM Sterling OMS lowers buffer inventory, enhances our fill rates, and overcomes our manual processes. The complete lifecycle is in our control. It helps us to respond quickly to changes and exceptions, provides a single repository to track, modify, or cancel the order in real-time, organizes the role-based relationship between multiple supply chain members, and utilizes the smart sourcing engine to coordinate fulfillment across the extended enterprise.

IBM Sterling Delivery and Service Scheduling: IBM Sterling Delivery and Service Scheduling module allow appointment scheduling & management, cross-partner coordination, reporting, and monitoring. Product deliveries, including installations, capacity management, and control of inventory, are also managed through this module.

Delivery service and shipping areas can be defined geographically. For service specialists, consolidated views are maintained.

Support for Pricing: This module provides the facility to collect and manage all the pricing data of an organization. We can maintain prices for products, define price lists, define quantity and attributes, assign price lists to order, and assign price lists either directly or indirectly to customers. Customer access to products and their prices are controlled by creating price lists, defining pricing rules, and applying the rules to customers accordingly.

Promotions for the items are also part of this module.

Royal Cyber

Royal Cyber provides IBM Sterling OMS implementation, migration, upgrades, testing, and validation services. You can benefit from the specialized team to work on support, managed services, advisory, and consulting. IBM Sterling OMS can be deployed on-premise or on the cloud. For further information or a demo, please contact us at [email protected].

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