Accelerate your Application Migration and Modernization Journey with Anthos

Develop Cloud-Native Modern Applications with Ease

With Anthos, enterprises have access to a cloud-native application modernization platform that helps companies develop, manage, and secure their applications across on-prem and multiple cloud service providers. Learn how with Google Cloud’s Anthos, businesses can expect to achieve 5x ROI, mitigate vendor lock-in challenges and increase efficient scalability.

The Anthos advantage includes:

Improved productivity for developers
Improved customer experience
Streamlined operational efficiency

Critical Challenges before Anthos

Royal Cyber Can Offer You

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Migration to Containers

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Architecting & Monitoring Microservices


Managed Services

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Hybrid Cloud Solutions Architecture

Anthos Capabilities

Automate your Container Lifecycle

Achieve End-to-End Container Orchestration & Management with Anthos GKE

Stay on top of Compliance and Risk

Automate policy and security updates with Anthos Configuration Management

Manage Daily Application Performance

Manage your complex microservices architecture with Anthos Service Mesh.

Run Serverless Applications

Simplify development, achieve operational flexibility for Kubernetes and serverless workloads with Cloud Run for Anthos

Set up cloud infrastructure with ease

Apply Configurations across Hybrid-cloud domains with Anthos Config Management

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