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Real-Time Log Analytics with ELK

ELK is an extremely scalable open-source full-text search and analytics engine that empowers users to search, store, & analyze significant volumes of data quickly and in real-time. At Royal Cyber, we have clients around the globe to provide unparalleled expertise in building and managing custom elastic-based implementation & development services for the ELK stack.

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Royal Cyber Elastic Search (ELK) Development,

Consulting & Managed Services

Architecture Consulting & Implementation – Assess the infrastructure and provide recommendations for improving and deploying search performance.
Data Onboarding, Normalization, & Enrichment – Understand the application or device sending data so it can be normalized and enriched to be used by Kibana.
Strategy Consulting – To provide a strategy for building big data architecture with selected components: Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana.
Quality Management – Regular performance evaluations for fine-tuning your Elastic-based applications.
ELK Data Dashboards & Visualizations – Create dashboards to represent relevant KPI and metrics and provide business insights.
Fully Managed Services Including 24×7 Support – We provide around the globe remote and onsite managed service to adhere to strict SLAs.