Supercharge Productivity with a Microsoft Co-Pilot
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Supercharge Productivity with a Microsoft Co-Pilot for Your Enterprise - Live Demos

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The demand for impactful, tailored content is soaring in today's competitive landscape. Now, companies are harnessing Generative AI solutions built using Microsoft Co-Pilot to improve their workflows. In this insightful session, we will discuss use cases for insurance, travel, and call center enterprises to showcase our ability to build specialized private LLMs and improve them using RAG.

Discover how we empower enterprises by building solutions with:

  • Azure Speech and Azure OpenAI to integrate session analytics.
  • Azure Document Intelligence to improve decision-making abilities.
  • Microsoft Co-Pilot and Azure Vision to navigate language limitations.

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Azure AI services
  • Welcoming Guests and introducing speakers
  • Discussing why businesses need generative AI to improve their daily operations
  • Building AI Apps with RAG
  • Building AI Apps with Microsoft Co-Pilot
  • Revolutionizing post-call analytics by seamlessly integrating Azure Speech and Azure OpenAI
  • Transcribing user-uploaded calls and generate intelligent summaries for a streamlined process
  • Enhancing insights by engaging in dynamic Q&A sessions with Azure OpenAI
  • Elevating decision-making for underwriters with Azure Document Intelligence and Azure OpenAI
  • Empowering underwriters with automatic summaries of applications and policy documents
  • Providing a trusted ally to claims examiners using Copilot to streamline filing evaluations
  • Unleashing Co-pilot’s capabilities as Azure Vision and OpenAI to eliminate language barriers
  • Decoding foreign text and interpret images in real-time for seamless navigation
  • Enjoying the freedom to ask questions and effortlessly navigate traveling complexities
  • Northwind Inventory Plugin Installation on MS Teams
  • NASDAQ Stock Plugin Installation on MS Teams
  • MS Teams Plugin Development and Deployment Overview
  • Exploring MS Copilot Studio with Travel Booking Example
Mustafa Pesh
Digital Transformation Principal

Supercharge Productivity with a Microsoft Co-Pilot for Your Enterprise - Live Demos