Plan Your Disaster Recovery With AWS

Design Your Disaster Recovery Strategy Using AWS

In the face of increased data breaches and cyber-attacks this year, safeguarding your AWS cloud infrastructure is necessary. But it is vital to be prepared for the worst-case scenario- that’s what building an effective strategy against any disaster event helps you achieve. With your backup data with AWS DRS, you can:

Slash your DR budget to up to 50%

Eliminate almost 30% of your on-premises IT footprint

Eliminate red tape for data backup and archive

Eliminate your need for physical secondary site(s)

Learn the best use cases for different DR strategies for ensuring business continuity

Disaster Recovery With AWS

Advantages of AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery

Recovery Point Objective & Recovery Time Objective

With continuous data replication and easy-to-run drills, businesses can expect a recovery time for data stores and object storage in seconds. Achieve point-in-time recovery of AWS services.

Deploy Workloads Across Multiple AWS Regions

Whether your data sources are from Azure, GCP, AWS, or on-premises, you can easily back up your data across multiple availability zones to safeguard attacks on your data centers or during region failover.

Develop a Cost-Effective DR Strategy

With a pilot light strategy and warm standby strategy, companies can enjoy quick workloads and cloud storage recovery without incurring excess costs. Avoid paying for idle resources and get billed for only fully provisioned servers.

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