Supply Chain with Smart Analytics on Google Cloud Platform

For any healthy business to function, a robust supply chain platform is a necessity. In present times, companies need to draw insights from multiple data sources and share those insights across multiple partners with ease. Supply chain analytics presently is heavily burdened by high volumes of unstructured data that need to be processed. This is where cloud service providers can prove useful. With platforms such as GCP, supply chain professionals can process terabytes of data with ease, and access instant scalability and flexibility. With services like Vertex AI and BigQuery ML, companies can also leverage the power of AI/ML to predict trends and improve problem-solving and decision-making.

In this whitepaper, our data engineer outlines how we can make supply chain management more competitive with the help of cloud data analytics. This whitepaper includes:

  • The Evolution of Supply Chain Analytics
  • Types Of Supply Chain Analytics
  • How Cloud Computing Improves Supply Chain Analytics
  • Understanding How Google Cloud Can Improve SCM (Supply Chain Management)

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