APIs Power Digital Transformation

The energy and utilities industries are experiencing a dramatic shift driven by rising customer expectations, growing economic and political ambiguity, and emerging new technologies. Stakeholders demand more transparency into the supply chain to cut costs and optimize operations. Customers request easier access to their data and digital channels to increase engagement with their energy and utility providers. Changing governmental policy coupled with geopolitical activity drives unparalleled industry uncertainty. Additionally, advancements in technology, such as IoT and renewable energy sources, are opening new business opportunities while increasing competition. Business leadership must make their organizations to adapt and evolve with the industry.

Royal Cyber’s solution to this bottleneck is API-led connectivity, a new way of thinking about integration. Establishments can scale IT projects up to four times faster with an API-led approach due to APIs’ reusability. IT can rapidly launch projects that increase the customer and stakeholder experience within the energy and utility industries, boost employee productivity, and support new products and services in response to key industry shifts. This whitepaper will summarize API-led connectivity and how it addresses the energy and utility industry’s IT demands.

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