Building Software Projects Made Easy: Your Ultimate Guide

Do you need help managing complex software projects and ensuring efficient build processes, specifically in mainframe environments? Look no further!

IBM Dependency-Based Build provides a cutting-edge solution designed to tackle complex project structures and streamline the build process, including mainframe systems.

Watch this video of our expert speakers as they guide you through the concepts and best practices of dependency-based build systems, with a focus on mainframe development. You’ll learn to streamline your development workflow, improve build performance, and effectively manage dependencies between source code files and libraries in mainframe environments.

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to enhance your software development skills in the mainframe arena. Watch this video of IBM Dependency-Based Build to gain valuable insights and take your mainframe software development to the next level!

Discussion Topics:

Introduction to Dependency-Based Build Systems
Understanding Mainframe Dependencies
Exploring IBM Dependency-Based Build
Best Practices for Streamlining Mainframe Builds
Real-world Examples and Demos
Q & A
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