As organizations transition to cloud-native architectures for improved self-management and efficiency, SAP Commerce Cloud customers need to be aware of some critical strategic directions in the Commerce roadmap around integration.

The migration of typical on-premise applications to the SAP Cloud Platform means a transformation from the classic approach of primarily developing custom extensions, to leveraging powerful tools like SAP Commerce Cloud Integration and SCPI.

Align your upgrade strategy with your comprehensive growth plan. We’ll help ascertain which version will generate the highest ROI, and help you bundle upgrades together to reduce implementation costs.

Discussion Topics:

Why Upgrade to SAP Commerce Cloud Release 1811?
New Features in Release 1811
Steps to Upgrade
Royal Cyber Add-ons
  • AI SearchSpring – Demo
  • Configurator – Demo
  • Mirakl – Marketplace
  • TEAF – Test Automation
  • Chatbot
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