Discover the Best Way to Build a DevOps Model in Your Organization

DevOps has emerged as a practice that aims at minimal disruption and maximum reliability. Mostly organization today wants to develop applications in an agile manner using DevOps. However, to create a CICD pipeline, securely storing code, setting up notifications, and connecting the apps is not an easy task.

The purpose of this webinar is to make the organizations familiar with the Microsoft-based tool called Azure DevOps using the Teams foundation server plugin. Azure DevOps provides a variety of services for development and collaborations for any project.

Royal Cyber will demonstrate a way to create Azure Pipelines for MuleSoft. In addition to that, we will highlight the features used within Azure Pipelines that will maximize efficiency and security.

Join us to learn:

Team Foundation Server Overview
CICD using Azure DevOps
Build Pipeline
Deploy Pipeline
Setting up Notifications and Approvers
Connected Apps
Anypoint CLI and ARM Rest API
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