Developers who create modern applications are implementing Kubernetes to spend time on the application and less on the infrastructure. Using your existing DevOps pipelines, Kubernetes manifests the Helm charts, and Azure Arc enables deployment to any connected cluster at scale. Azure Arc enabled Kubernetes implements a GitOps methodology, this means all the changes made to configuration and apps are versioned and logged across number of clusters.

Azure Arc offers a single pane of glass operating model to customers for all their Kubernetes clusters deployed across multiple locations. By bringing every single system hooked on Azure Arc, it is easier to establish the roles and responsibilities for every team member without forgoing visibility and access.

Azure Arc enabled Kubernetes is positioned through its openness and flexibility to help customers meet their business challenges using the tools of their choice. You can unite your development and operations teams on a single platform to build, deliver, and scale applications across customer datacenters, edge locations, and multi-cloud.

Discussion Topics:

Connecting Kubernetes running outside of Azure for inventory, grouping, and tagging
Deploy applications and apply configuration using GitOps-based configuration management
Use Azure Monitor for containers to view and monitor your clusters
Apply policies using Azure Policy for Kubernetes
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