Get Started on Implementing Solutions Using Snowflake

Are you looking for a platform that provides better data security and storage capacity than your legacy data warehouse? Snowflake enables organizations to use their data intelligently by providing better data protection, performance tuning, scalability, and server capacity. Learn how by migrating data to the cloud of your choice, you can reap the benefits of data modernization and high performance with the help of Snowflake.

We will provide Snowflake’s core concepts & hands-on expertise to help practitioners understand the architecture and usability of this fully-managed SaaS. With Snowflake, you cannot only allow data science, engineering, and application development workflows to operate on a single platform but also enjoy flexibility and efficiency that simply isn’t possible with the traditional approach.

Discussion Topics:

Introduction to Snowflake & its Architecture
Detailed Overview of Snowflake’s WebUI
Handling & Ingesting Data
Implementing Features: Micro-Partitions, Zero Copy Clones, Time Travel
Live Demo – Snowflake in Practice
Question & Answer Session
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