The drive to break down monolithic applications was critical to address the problems such as scaling and code maintenance. e-Spirit digital experience platform (FirstSpirit) offers the next generation headless CMS to generate, manage & accelerate the delivery of personalized content to any channel.

A hybrid CMS is a key part of transforming your technology stack to establish a single source of content fact, manageable and/or accessible by anyone within and outside of your organization to drive a more reliable, inspiring and relevant customer experience no matter where they are or what stage they are in the buyer’s journey.

Royal Cyber is an e-Spirit Partner and has seasoned commerce resources to guide you take advantage of the futuristic headless CMS.

Discussion Topics:

Why Headless CMS is Better & How it Boosts Agility
Critical Factors for Deployment
10 Key Success Factors to Deploy a Headless Commerce Solution
Best Practices & Achieve Faster Time to Market
AI Personalization
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