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IBM Rational HATS is inarguably the best tool for presenting old green screen applications in modernized manner rapidly and efficiently. HATS modernized version can be prepared for various output mediums without making changes or migrating anything from the existing backend applications and can accommodate Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) too. Royal Cyber is offering Free Webinar on ‘Error Handling in HATS Web Service Project’. In this Webinar you will learn about creating and testing Web Services in HATS. Also, discover how to handle the errors you may possibly encounter in a HATS Web Service project.
The webinar will discuss the following topics:
IBM Rational HATS Overview
Macros, Integration Objects & Web Service in HATS
Error Handling in HATS
What is Error Handling?
Why Error Handling is Important?
Why Error Handling is Considered Challenging in HATS?
Implementing Web Service Error Handling Model in HATS
Using IO Template to handle Web Service Exceptions
Generating Web Service Client
Testing HATS Web Service Using SOAP UI Client
Practical Demonstration of Error Handling in HATS Web Service
Anticipated audience of the course includes but not limited to the following:
Technical Leads
Organizations’ (using Green Screen Applications) Representatives
Maximum effort is made to keep the Webinar as simple as possible for everyone to understand. However, moderate IT background, understanding of IBM Rational HATS® is recommended to understand the concepts and ideas being presented.