Hybrid Cloud with AWS: An Enterprise Migration Use Case

We understand that enterprises are still too dependent on legacy and on-prem workloads, which makes it difficult to go all in being cloud-native. Thus, we recognize the need to adopt a hybrid approach for enterprise clients.

In this webcast to understand how we leverage best practices to ensure our customers can seamlessly work on the cloud and on-prem with AWS on-prem and cloud services. Combining both services ensures better service availability, security, and resilience for customer applications.

In this webcast, you will learn:

  • Best practices for AWS hybrid cloud services: Our experts will share their experience and insights into what it takes to achieve a successful Hybrid cloud footprint.
  • Step-by-step process for app deployment migration: Get guidance through the process of migrating your app deployments to AWS, from planning and discovery to deployment and testing.
  • AWS native tools and services: We will showcase the AWS tools and services that can make your migration journey smoother and more efficient.
  • Real-world examples: We will share real-world examples of successful AWS migrations to help you understand the benefits of migration.

This webcast is perfect for:

  • IT professionals who want to learn more about AWS migration
  • Business owners who want to understand how we can create a Hybrid cloud structure with On-prem + Cloud services working together

Discussion Topics:

Why Hybrid cloud and on-prem environments are the right-fit for enterprises
Best practices overview on how to achieve a successful hybrid cloud configuration with AWS and on-prem workloads.
The challenges we’ve encountered over the years working with enterprises and how we used Hybrid cloud to solve those issues.
Enterprise Success Stories: How companies achieved successful app deployment on hybrid environments with AWS.
Demo of AWS tools and services that ease your hybrid cloud migration journey
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