Leverage GCP’s BigQuery ML for Seamless Supply Chain Management

Every successful business requires a robust supply chain management system. A simple miscalculation could lead to surplus inventory that could waste or create a shortage – both scenarios can fatally disrupt an organization. Therefore, supply chain management, especially inventory management, needs to be highly data-driven.

With Google Cloud tools such as BigQuery ML, businesses can leverage AI capabilities to help decide how much inventory to keep in stock based on historical data regarding previous consumer patterns. Join our webinar, where our expert speakers explain how companies can manage their supply chain with GCP’s diverse data analytics solutions and a live demo of a demand forecasting model.

Discussion Topics:

Overview: What are smart analytics?
An Introduction to BigQuery ML
BigQuery ML: Use Cases
Demo on building a Demand Forecasting Model for Supply Chain Management (SCM)
How to get started: Connect with RC…
Q & A
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